My dear Aeromodellers,

    this site comes out from my love for the model aircraft building (dynamic especially) and from my aspiration to continue the memory of the enthusiastic work of all the people who had published model aircraft Magazines, more for passion then for gaining money. They helped many of us to learn the "art" of model airplane building and the "poetry" of making them to fly.
    It is my intention to mention and describe all Italian Magazines and Publications of every time and kind which, even partially or irregurarly, had some model aircraft content.
    This is not (yet ..?) a complete English translation from the Italian Pages. First my English is too poor. Second, probably, most of the "literary" content is not of real interest for the not Italian Aeromodeller. Third, sorry, I have simply not enough time.
    Nevertheless, I think that the not Italian Aeromodellers can enjoy themselves looking at the old covers ("copertine" in Italian), and especially studying
  plans and drawings freccia.   So here are the translations of all buttons and menues to make you able to navigate into the site and find covers, plans, drawings and also may be, you can consider to give a glance to old pics ("fotografie" or "foto" in Italian) of some wellknown (some of them not only in Italy) italian aeromodellers, generally of the past. Hint: push the "Internal Links" button.
    I have to stress that the general flavour of the site is "old time". This is not only for obvious copyright reasons but also because there are many and many more "yesterday" Magazines then "today" ones.
    Please remark also that the site is continuosly evolving and growing ad that for this purpose it needs your help! So if you know something that is not yet on the site, please tell me, as well - don't be afraid - any kind of errors, mistypyng, syntax or even grammar mistakes (especially in the English version).
    Please note that this site was tested extensively using only the browser Chrome.
    I hope, anyhow, that you can enjoy yourself to surf around this site at least as much as I enjoied myself to compile it!

                                                                                                                                          Your "virtual" aeromodeller

P.S.     Only a very little part (sorry) of this site is translated (badly, sorry again) to English. You can try to help yourself to understand more from the Italian text using the "Chrome translation", but you have to know that still there are sometime really comic effects and big mistakes in any authomatic translation!

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